Thursday, August 12, 2010

A new Life..

Once upon a time....there were days, when I used to be  so carefree that I could just sleep all day without even bothering what is happening around.'Oblivion is a bliss' was the it reckless, irresponsible or a waste..that experience was quite something ...

A new life began at IIJNM.World turned upside down.To be vigilant 24X7...that is what we students learnt on the very first day. I wondered whether this is what I wanted...
And, the answer was, Yes. Definitely.

To be ready to do something that can actually change the things, which we think are not right, to be the ones who become problem solvers, to be the ones who spread if spreading light in the darkness...this excitement, this fury, this rage and ...a path that calls us....everything is new...yes, it's a new world, a new life....a new adventure and a long journey where we will experience all kind of things.....

So, from here on, I'll start my journey on to the future....

I have got my wings. I am ready to fly.


  1. mouli - u mentioned "students" ....we are trainee journalists :D :D ....looking forward to read articles from you :)

  2. good one girl!!!!!!! and btw you are my inspiration.......;)

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